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"To name an object is to supress three-quarters of the enjoyment to be found in a poem... suggestion, that is the dream."
-Stephane Mallarme (Parisian Poet of the Symbolist Movement circa. 19th Century)

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I am a LitRecognition Poetry Admin!

Hello, everybody! :wave: Recently I joined the excellent hard-working peeps over at DailyLitRecognition, LitRecognition, as a Poetry Admin. I am now accepting suggestions through :note: for poetry you think deserves to be featured.
:target: Please remember:
----------->Only 1 suggestion at a time and try and space your suggestions out to 1 every 3 days. It ensures I have time to read your suggestions.
-----------> You can self-suggest if you like. But I do not want to read your entire gallery. If I decline, do no take this personally.
-----------> Please suggest 1 deviant only to me.

My preferences include:
:target: Free Verse or Traditional
:target: Haiku & Eastern Poetry
:target: I enjoy poetry which is humorous, though not in a crude or rude way.
:target: I love poetry that takes old ideas, themes and clichés and turns them into something new.
:target: Poetry which is emotional, or makes me think, I love also.
:target: Not forgetting dark, horror and gothic poetry.
:target: I'll only accept poetry which has been spelled, punctuated and follows grammar properly.

Please Do not suggest the following:
:target: Poetry with lower-case writing. Personally I detest this style. Unless you can give me a legitimate reason for it's use. For example, using lowercase "I" to refer to yourself as feeling vulnerable. I will then consider accepting.
:target: No Fan-Fiction
:target: No Prose, which includes six word stories, vignettes, flash fiction, short stories and chaptered works.
:target: Please do not suggest poetry with themes which have been done time and time again. Themes such as depression and suicide are two major themes I will not accept, unless the writer has taken a new and unexpected perspective.

Please include with your :note: a :thumbxxxxx: for the poem you're suggesting. Also if you prefer, you may include a couple of sentences why you think it deserves to be featured.
Isn't it strange? You can spend minutes, hours, maybe even days forming a rhetoric in your mind. Yet come the moment of transversing those thoughts into something tangible, something structured; the process of all those carefully collected musings, ancedotes and witticisms fall short. So here I am previously with an organised idea of what I planned on writing here in this journal, where my thoughts are now more like trying to grasp a hold of oxygen. A pointless endeavour. 

Of course, I will soldier on and hopefully my thoughts will slip into a neat puzzle or at least one of those Roman mosaics, jagged around the edges, but still clear when you forget about the discrepancies. 

About now it's about quarter past two in the morning for me. I can't sleep. I spend a vast quantity of my time thinking, though perhaps the better definition would be analysing. I analyse everything from my memories. Experiences I perhaps wish to understand and then move on, and I'm not talking about recent experiences. Memories of a horrid time whilst at high school during the early part of the 21st century, then a good couple of years or so being homeless. I oft spend time thinking about those days. I am currently quite content, yet back then I recall I was more or less numb. It was no mistake I was rather depressed and not the most comfortable of company to be around. I outpoured my anxieties and thoughts into poetry; even if they were somewhat rigid and ill-composed. Now of course, I'm older, foolish actions and imbecilic words have fashioned me into a more wiser man, perhaps a little more cautious, a bit cynical too I suppose. 

At this start of this year I came to a conclusion that I needed to start investing in my life a little bit more. You will have no doubt been aware that I'm not present as much as I was. One factor in this is I'm finding it difficult to be enthusiatic about poetry, notably writing up newer pieces. I mean I've composed so many, I need time to harvest new stories to relate into poetry. Poetry is nice as an artform, but as I mentioned earlier, the start of this year gave me the notion of focusing on myself. 

Focusing on myself... I had not thought about me or any attainable future for quite some time. I had grown into a comfort zone, bred from my days of homelessness. The nights of suicide dreams, the days of stressful worrying as to whether I had any hope of a decent future. However, a comfort zone bred from such negative tendrils can manifest into a danger zone and I found myself becoming too comfortable late last year. I had given up before that, but now I was being swallowed by the quicksand of that black hole I had found myself enveloped in. Rather than take flight, I would rather fight. I knew it would not be easy. 

I believe I am in my own way, a stubborn, hesitant individual. Society would say invest your energies into finding work. Retail is the only field I could least get anything in, but most retail jobs are part-time, low paid and relatively unpleasant. Customer care is a phrase I have grown to loathe, since I really couldn't care if I'm honest if you've been to three different stores to find a specific brand of paint. So if work really isn't for me, I figured education would be more beneficial and rewarding.

College wise, I previously enjoyed the experience. I had gained plenty of aquaintances. I felt like I was in control. Rather than just being a drone, I being productive, improving my knowledge along the way. Hence wishing to return a sense of control and happiness, I applied for a course in Electrical Engineering. Yes, I could have applied for say a creative writing course, but I wanted to do something challenging, and I get to play around with robots. I mean frigging robots! I'm 99.9% certain my interview this Friday will be a success. I have devoted so much of my time in preparing for this interview with days spent studying Math, researching what I could on Electronics and the basic principles of electricity. Yes, it blanketed a lot of my time, but that doesn't bother me. This is something I fully committed to and with my notebooks to support my application I'll be in a much more secure and happy state of being than I was say three years ago.

My venture into Electrical Engineering is a project I hope to spread over a good few years. Allowing me a chance of stability in later life. I'm aware that I might not get any reward straight away I finish my studies and walk away with a degree, but I'm patient and as I said before stubborn. If I put my mind to something, I work until it becomes reality no matter what. 

Along with a fresh start with college, I recently did a reset concerning friends. Friends being those I knew offline, not online friends I have had the pleasure of meeting here. I recently deleted my Facebook account permanently. An act I have never regretted. To be honest I failed to care for a majority of my friends there, except for a few. It got to the point I was so fed up of being the one that could be either manipulated, admonished or just taken for granted. I mean, yes, invite me down to your home. But at least want me there. I'm not interested in your Facebook page thank you very much. 

These last few months I have spent majority of my time isolated, except for conversing with friends online. I found I'm at peace away from drama. Of course, I'm not evolving into some mad reclusive. College comes with another benefit apart from the productive nature of education and that is forming new friendships. Hopefully better than the ones I formed while homeless, which were akin to that old adage of clutching at straws. 

Ah, now I ought to conclude my ramblings. Hmmmmm, hard to start, harder to finish. So you have some semblance of what I hope will be my future soon and my desire to improve myself. Albeit if my thoughts might at times be vague. No doubt soon I will organise time to do some dA related things. However at the present moment in time, my own life is paramount above poetry. 

I'll be around. Take care and I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts. :)
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