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September 28, 2012
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From beyond a space where time is still,
Rises a monster who wields a murderous will.
Crimson cuts of corruption line it's carapace,
Yielding imperial eyes on a merciless face,
Engines erupt to herald the harbinger's haste.

From beyond a silence where life is dead,
Moves a deity who haunts a ponderous head.
Purple parts of penetration mark it's form,
Daunting funereal cries by a tactless storm,
Circuits corrode to hail the harbinger's harm.

From beyond a sorrow where joy is lost,
Roams a terror who obeys a wonderous ghost.
Black bolts of beatification hold it's sword,
Slaying mercurial lies to a reckless word,
Diodes deduce to hark the harbinger's horde.
Inspired by 'Mass Effect 2 and 3's' reaper known as Harbinger. I would to admit, I felt Harbinger was under-used in the third Mass Effect game. If he was supposed to be the leader of all the reapers invading the universe he should have least got more of a mention. Yes, he was there near enough at the end, but it seemed like more of a cameo, as though Bioware had suddenly realised that he was still there and had to deposit him somewhere. In other words he became a forgotten figure in the plot. I still consider Mass Effect 2 to be a superior game to Mass Effect 3. But that's personal opinion.
Thanks for inviting me to critique your poem! First I must say I havn't ever played Mass Effect 2 or 3 but your poem brought to life this leader of all reapers. Wonderfully strong imagery I would say :)
Your diction was absolutely invigorating. After coming upon each word, I would race ahead to see which word you had next inserted. This may be a problem for some readers whom like plain poetry due to the fact that larger words tend to be slightly distracting from the idea itself.
And may I say that you had excellent assonance and consonance! I'm thrilled to see these poetic devices used in your poem. I appluad you, it is hard to use assonance and consonance in a way that doesn't muddy up your stanzas.
Your style stands out from the other poems I have read with your artistic imagery, haunting tone, and poetic syntax.
Upon reading your poem, I looked up some pictures of Harninger. I discoverd that your poem paralleled the images I saw very tastefully.
Thanks again for the invitation, and I also thank you for the oppertunity to educate myself on the world of video games ;)
Keep on writting! And may the odds be ever in your favor.
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A7XFan666 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
Wonderful :D
Bemari Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
Well written with good rhyming.
Bebopboy Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2012
Masterfully written, I really love your syntax and rhyme scheme.

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