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Sweet Dreams
Time for this old soul
to sleep
another verse of hours
in the deep
black curtain of night
until all is reborn
under the youthful light.
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 10 5
Who would care,
for those cracks about her heart?
Rusty nails, scratches up
and down the walls of her cathedral.
Holy radiance, bleeding rose
petals ripe with such sorrow like art
forgotten in a gallery lost in time.
Never a visitor, to stare
at the intricacies of her eyes,
the desire and the flame,
echoing from her quiet cries
Ghost roses lie brittle about her feet
withered leaves, blunt thorns
nor a chorus left for her to repeat.
No more a chance. No hope
left to feel that way again, except:
Who would care?
Another portrait left weeping
fault-lines in abiding rain, a rhyme
of mystery in a canvas torn
Hiding her scars within.
Until all but his passion's scent
mixed in with love and acrylic has
all but gone...
And no more will she be.
But one more failure 
of an artist's dream
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 10 4
Miss Valentine
Safety pins etched across paper
like bows caressing eager strings
of a paramour’s violin.
For every note detailed, a ray
burst, melodious as within
her heart pumps romance and sin
hidden desires behind
her mask of lust and temptation.
Hot wax, scarlet lipstick on her lips
drip, drip, drips like serpentine, a kiss,
Poisonous Miss Valentine,
ever to entrap her prey, so long
as she’s satisfied for another day
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 6 2
Out from night's fortress
I crawl on broken shins
Jutting bone, cuts the fabric
cloaking me within the eigengrau.
Penetrating eyes search like
lighthouses by a desolate bay
To find the sun: Where has
has she gone today?
If only to find a way
Back to her embrace
Be once more
A blind man in her grace
No longer in the eigengrau,
Sight no more
Except to herald her light
And in her arms I'll cry no more.
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 8 0
Burning up in the afterglow
We're caught up in
The ash snowfall, suffocating
Our throats with disappointment
Watching our silhouettes
And all we have left is the shadows
We leave behind
The ashes we left behind
And you know the flames are brightly so
Scarlet as autumn leaves
On the day we dared have faith
What little spark we'd cite
Enough if our hearts dare to believe
That we were the halves
Of a long-forgotten whole
But oh no, oh no, oh no...

One last embrace before 
This chapter is over, burying our hurt
In the soil upon which we stand
As the boundaries we set around our core
Ignites to furious applause
Until nothing's left of our desire
Except the ashes and the afterglow
Of the love we built
Of the temple in which our fire
Roared as bright as the lion's call
While our melody fades into goodbye
Remains are all that is to be remembered
Mere corpse cinders laid to rest.
We walk as ghosts
Upon crowded streets, faces wounded
Walking casualties ever lost
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 10 10
High over pyramids glistening gold
In the shadows of titans
Where the clouds shiver with cold.

Aloft, my wings do soar, gentle
be the breeze, who takes me away
Across oceans near and far.

Sapphire eyes watching below
As I glide upon crystal currents
Beneath the mien of her eternal gaze:
Mistress of the North Star.

And even in cool light of day
I'll fly onward to a heaven waiting.

Her paradise is out there for me
Out there on the other side
On the other side of an infinite sea.

And while the zephyr breathes
Her breath within my feathers so
I'll ride the thermals ever higher
Ever higher until I could but
See her beauty...
Where upon I'd

Die in a roar of loving blaze
To bear witness to the love who
Fills my heart with a glow.

Akin to the glorious sun who kisses
The prayers of my eternal flight
As I sear
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 8 14
I shall not weep tears
wet with an echoing sadness
nor let my lips quiver
with chords of vibrating madness
All my tears will fall,
when such exuberance claims
me a hostage to your smile.
And when the nights quake.
And the lamp lights shake.
Then the journey will have been worth
the agony and the many-a-mile
 to feel that kiss,
lips soaked in effort's relief
before exhale of breath we breathe.
And when the days go cold.
And our wild ways grow old.
I shall not weep tears,
except when the time burns
a candle before the picture frame.
No more a grasp or a decibel
utterance but a memory of your name.
Will I weep then a tear,
just to remember your smile?
And when all is gone to dust and ashes,
I shall not weep.
For beside you is where I'll be
Holding you:
In eternal sleep.
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 11 5
Adversity Hymn
What you got, is what you need,
lines of poetry to make you sick,
make us bleed,
Devil's got you by the throat:
No way out! No time to choke,
It's a misery, such a mystery.
But what's left to feed,
But the demon you yield,
What's there to hide, except
the evil inside; the innocence from
which our hearts dare shield.
Come the lethargy! 
Raise the war!
It's a civil disarray,
living with the me, every day...
every day...
Until nothing but whispers
lead the way, off to a distant shore,
where we saw the sun
as lovers embracing like the stars
did once a lifetime before,
and there comes a new day.
Another poem left to say,
for the breath of life to relay...
:iconnemox7:NemoX7 9 0

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Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
I'm a writer who sometimes gets the urge to whittle off a poem or a haiku, maybe even a brief detour into prose writing. Though I'm writing primarily for myself, or as a means of articulating emotions/thoughts which may be affecting me. I've written extensively since joining dA back in early August 2011.

I'm not perfect, and I don't expect much in return. I've been away on a hiatus for a few months due to personal reasons. Though now I hope I'll be more active here. Not that anybody will notice though at first.

Anyways. This is my profile page. As you can see, I don't submit artwork here. So, yeah, just the written word. ^^;

Lessons in Life
1) To judge by actions, not words
2) To not blindly trust
3) To care for myself before all others
4) To not take everything too seriously
5) To know there are some things no one has control over
6) To sometimes let others have their way, even if you disagree
7) To know that there is always a second chance
8) To understand you are your own person
9) To appreciate change, even if it's not satisfactory at first
10) To realise people may only view you through one lens



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